Area of Solutions

What do we do in Maintenance & Support?

  • Complete maintenance of business applications.
  • Provide support for Business users using the applications, in answering their queries.
  • Solving issues / challenges arising in the application while in use by the End users.
  • Execution of end-of-day batch programs that are needed for the applications.
  • Provide Help-desk support to Business users.
  • Monitor time-critical applications for real-time issues such as breakage, down-times etc.

When do you need Maintenance & Support?

  • When any IT project / solution has been implemented and has now moved to maintenance phase.
  • When cost of in-house maintenance of applications has to be reduced and yet business continuity should be ensured.
  • When there is no team in-house available to with adequate knowledge on the technology used and requires attention for solving issues / challenges arising in existing & long-running applications.
  • When you need a dedicated team of resources taking care of your applications and answering & supporting end-users during or off business hours.