Complete Data Solutions

What is Data Warehouse (DWH)?

In simple terms, Data Ware House is a place where all the data of an enterprise is stored for analysis, archival and future reference.

Data consists of raw data or formatted data. It can be on various types of topics including the organization’s sales, salaries, operational data, summaries of data including reports, copies of data, human resource data, inventory data, external data to provide simulations and analysis, etc.

Assimilating fragmented data spread across disparate systems into an organized and centralized system in order to simplify decision making and augment business for a client, is the essence of Data warehousing. The importance of DWH in relation to the decision making process is one of the key factors governing this activity.

Data is extracted from various sources that support Business processes and stored in dedicated computers. Here, data can be validated, reformatted, reorganized, summarized, restructured and supplemented with data from other sources.

Data warehouse that results thus, becomes the main source of information for Report Generation, Analysis, Presentation through Portals & Dashboards, Decision making etc.

Who needs DWH?

Every company has transactional data of some kind - accounts, products, services, vendors, staff, projects etc. Not every company has a DWH where data is segregated, classified and stored in an organized manner in a ready to use format.

DWH is not necessarily the prerogative of big corporate as is often understood.

Whether or not you require a DWH to be created is determined by your business needs and priorities.

If you are looking to accelerate business growth by

  • Analyzing customer behavior
  • Fine tuning Marketing & Sales trends
  • Understanding product movement
  • Adopting cost effective operations
  • Doing away with redundant systems and getting better ones in place
  • Better logistics & Inventory Management
  • Financial Forecasting

You certainly need data that is ‘cleaned, validated, organized, formatted, structured and summarized’ from various sources into a single repository. A DWH is the best possible solution for this.

A DWH is custom designed based on the needs of a business enterprise and the data available on hand in relation to that.

Why DWH?

In order to take on the competition and respond effectively ‘accurate, reliable, timely, complete, insightful, and useable information and analysis’ becomes the order of the day.

  • A DWH helps you get a holistic picture of your organization and take appropriate and timely decisions for your Business.
  • Availability of data from various sources, in the format needed with easy retrieval mechanism speeds up the decision process.
  • Effective Business Intelligence is achieved through Data Warehouse.

When DWH?

  • When Businesses need to find answers to fundamental Business questions such as:
    • Do we know what general classes of customers do we have?
    • Do we have indication of any fraudulent activities?
    • Do we know what our best customers have in common?
  • When compiling data from different sources and generating reports for management is laborious and time consuming.
  • When collating and analyzing varied data from varied systems becomes difficult and takes longer.
  • When Key Performance Indicators are to be delivered to management team instead of them sifting through various reports.
  • When businesses want data from different sources to analyze and predict trends or behaviors.

Advantages of DWH

  • Best route for implementing Business Intelligence.
  • Gives comprehensive view of different data like Customer data, Sales data, Finance data etc.
  • Serves as one-stop point for Ad-hoc reporting and analysis.
  • Main source of information for supporting regulatory mandates like Sarbanes Oxley, Anti-Money Laundering etc.
  • Single repository of historical data.
  • Enables faster reporting and analytical solutions.
  • Easier access to past data and comes in handy for Audit purposes.

Who do we cater to in DWH?

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Retail

What do we do in DWH?

    • Complete implementation of DWH – Requirements to Go-Live
    • Maintenance & Support of existing DWH
    • Enhancement to existing DWH
    • Independent DWH Testing
    • DWH Tools Upgrade.
    • DWH Architecture Consultancy
    • Project Management
    • DWH Assessment Consultancy
    • Test Management
    • Subject Matter Expert Consultancy.
    • Informatica Power Center
    • Pentaho Suite of Products
    • Talend
    • SAS
    • Oracle Warehouse Builder